Creating a community & network for working on Self compassion

-Body Diversity Advocates 

-Health at every size

-Movement for Mental     Health 

Meet Jenna 

Jenna is the founder of the Self Compassion Project, she is a registered Personal Fitness Trainer with a degree in Psychology. A self acceptance, body diversity advocate with a focus in her work at health at every size. Through her work she saw a need to create a community focusing on self acceptance, body neutrality,  empowerment through movement and movement for mental health. 

Articles, Interviews and other resources relating to intuitive eating,  body acceptance,self love, fitness and  more


Body Talks


Upcoming workshops where we discuss self compassion, body diversity, body positivity and more. Talks from professionals in the fitness community, dietitians, psychologists, and activates all focusing around health at every size 

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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