About Us 

We are: 
Health at every size,
Body diversity advocates, with a passion for creating a safe space for growing understanding around these topics and how they relate in our fields of fitness, nutrition, and psychology  
Our Story
The Self Compassion Project was created in 2019 as a way to create a community around health at every size, self acceptance, advocating for body diversity and mental health issues. 

Our founder Jenna Donovan has worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and has a degree in psychology. In her work in fitness she saw how certain value was being placed on appearances over health, and a lot of problematic behavior was being endorsed. 

Meeting other individuals just as passionate about health at every size in other fields really fueled the desire to create a space where they could all communicate, offer support, facilitate conversations around these topics and advocate for those passions. 

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 


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