Ways to Make Self Acceptance a focus in Your Life

Self Acceptance

. Somehow a really difficult subject and practice in our society these days. We are told when we're kids we're amazing and perfect but somehow over time the messages we receive and our beliefs about our selves seems to shift. 

Working as a personal trainer I see this day in and out with my clients and it really breaks my heart. Having a 60+ grandmother talking about how much she hates her body and wishes she was skinnier is so jarring and eye opening. 

I too fall victim to this sometimes, I work in a gym, I see bodies of every shape and size. Sometimes I wish my body looked more like some of those other bodies, and it makes me feel bad.I force myself to change my internal dialogue on the regular, when I find myself going negative "I hate __, I look fat" I try to pick out a few things I like.  Take these photos for example, first thoughts were of the things I don't like, and that made me mad. I am a strong, fit and healthy woman whose body is amazing. 

Focus on the positive. Try every single day for a month to write down something you like about yourself first thing in the day. Keep it somewhere you can see it. 

Set a movement based goal. Running faster, adding more weights to your movement, getting a stronger core etc. 

Fuck the scale. Seriously. Fuck the scale, focus on how you feel. If you feel sluggish, bloated and crappy those are legit concerns, maybe then change your diet and exercise routine. I have never been happier since I stopped weighing my self. 

Get off the grid. Take a break from social media, go outside, surround yourself with like minded people. Go for a hike, a bike ride, a dog walk. Trees don't give a shit if you're a size 2, a 12 or if you have a visible six pack. 

Build your brand around things of substance. If your entire value in yourself is based on your looks, guess what? You are always going to feel like shit. No one is perfect and putting all your energy and self worth into how you look is never going to end well. Focus on hobbies, take a course, make something, figure out what makes you you! My focus is being mentally well and moving my body, while getting better at a sport I love, and that doesn't mean I am ultra lean and have a 6 pack. 

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